Fetching sources

There are two main synfig source repositories – git and svn. Most development happens in git, but it looks like svn is not yet abandoned. The bad thing what repositories are diverged. Looks like there should be some work done on git->svn migration.

So, I fetched git sources. There are some problems in git repository:
* SVN tags are not completely converted into git tags – they are still exist as directories in git tree. As result, the source tree is HUGE.
* There is no “master” branch in git yet.
Those problems are easy to fix, but it is not a priority now. Just noted as todo.

Things to be done:

  • merge svn repo int git
  • adjust git tags
  • make “master” branch


  1. pixelgeek said

    I know Genete and Zelgadis revisited this. Does it look OK now?

  2. Uranus-235 said

    Generally – yes. Still weird dir names ‘synfig-core’ for ‘synfig’ and ‘synfig-studio’ for ‘synfigstudio’ are confusing. :)))

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